“AST Group” Took Part In “Metall-Expo” Exhibition

“AST Group” Took Part In “Metall-Expo” Exhibition

“AST Group” Took Part In “Metall-Expo” Exhibition

In November, 2015 “AST Group” JSC participated in the 21st International industry exhibition “Metall-Expo” that was held in Moscow.

In 4 days it was visited by roughly 27 thousand people. Within the framework of the exhibition the AO “NITS Stroitelstvo” and Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Research Institute named after A.A. Gvozdev organized a round table conference. It covered such issues as the development of competitive ability and the expansion of the market for factory-built welded reinforcement, and these issues are of utmost importance to “AST Group” JSC. Besides, within the framework of the event our specialists discussed with the top management of the leading iron and steel enterprises the ways of cooperation development, supply of rolled metal products and equipment for metalworking production.

Nowadays in Russia prefabricated reinforced products that are used make up around 3%, while in the EU this number makes up about 50% of total rolled metal products used.

It means that in Russia concrete works most of the time imply reinforcement cage tying being carried out right on the worksite. Researches conducted by AO “NITS Stroitelstvo” and Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Research Institute named after A.A. Gvozdev specialists show what disadvantages the method of reinforcement cage tying being carried out on the worksite has. They are the following:

  • Low quality of tying, failure to make the right pattern, deviation from the design;
  • Builders try to save on rolled metal products to make economic benefit;
  • Conditions in which reinforced products are stored affect the quality of the products (rust, reinforced metals detachment);
  • Large amounts of cutoff pieces that are used in construction thus altering the initial design, which leads to bearing characteristics deterioration;
  • The costs of reinforcement tying are comparable with the cost of prefabricated products and can even exceed it;
  • Manpower effort needed for tying slows down construction, thus increasing the prime cost of such works on the site of installation.

    Advantages of using prefabricated products:

    • Faster construction period;
    • No cutoff pieces and unneeded rolled metal products;
    • All products undergo quality control before delivery, which guarantees compliance of the product pattern with the design;
    • No need to assign a special site for reinforcement cage tying and storage of rebars (it is especially important when the construction site is not large);
    • Prefabricated products can be installed right after taking it out of the vehicle in which it’s delivered.
    • Therefore, the percentage of prefabricated metal products usage will be rising, and by 2020 it will have caught up with foreign statistics. All the more so as the AO “NITS Stroitelstvo” specialists are working on trying to make amendments to the construction standards stated in the legislation. These amendments imply compulsory usage of prefabricated metal products in construction carried out in all regions of the Russian Federation.


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