Reinforcing mesh. Welded wire mesh

Reinforced mesh is a kind of general purpose metal constructions used for reinforcement of construction projects, protection against mechanical damage and to ensure long-term and trouble-free building operation. A mesh consists of longitudinal and transverse rods set perpendicular to each other and welded by means of contact welding. Cells are either rectangular or square.

Reinforcing mesh is made of class AI and AIII rebars and low-carbon indented steel wire. Product requirements are stated in GOST 23279-85.

Coil mesh

Application areas

Our company guarantees high quality of metal constructions, including meshes of various types. Masonry mesh complying with GOST 23279-85 is widely used in civilian and industrial construction. It is used for:

Reinforcement of:

foundations (foundation masonry mesh), brickwork (brick masonry mesh), blockwork (block masonry mesh), foundation for stone veneer, road surfaces, cement screeds, foundations for decorative tiles.

Attachment of:

roof insulation, facade insulation (wall cladding), heat insulation (heating main installation). Also, galvanized mesh is used in ventilation grilles, fencing of various objects (country houses, etc.), greenhouse frames and cages.

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