Fences are used on many areas and objects. AST Group is a major manufacturer of metal fences; it is one of the main directions of our activity. Our production process complies with the requirements of GOST and products meet European quality standards.

Our high-quality metal fencing is the perfect solution for country houses, housing estates, commercial and industrial facilities, which naturally complements the landscape.


AST Group produces the most popular types of fencing, namely:

  • Panel fences.
  • Panel fences.

High-quality metal fences and railings have a number of advantages, which include relatively low price and compact size; they do not look massively and have impressive performance features.

Panel fences

Panel fences are produced from heavy-duty materials, their design complies with European quality standards. The design concept is represented by a set of columns and panels fastened together securely. Despite the fact that metal fences for summer houses are usually non-aesthetic, panel fences are an exception here. They look beautiful and elegant and do not spoil the landscape view of the territory.

Panel fences are widely used at various sites, they are particularly good for cottage and household plots.


  • The panels are made of high-strength metal bars.
  • Metal poles have a square or rectangular cross-section.
  • Bars are arranged horizontally or vertically, forged components are sometimes used to improve aesthetic properties.
  • The length and height of panels and poles may vary depending on customer requirements, as a rule, panel fences are about two meters high.

Benefits of panel fences

  • Small thickness of the structure.
  • Possibility to install fences on an inclined plane.
  • High corrosion and UV resistance.
  • Long service life.
  • Lower price compared with stone and brick counterparts.

We offer a wide range of panel fences at favorable prices.

Welded metal fences, price, benefits, features

Such structures have one distinctive feature, bars are attached to poles and each other by welding. These fences look cohesive and reliably perform their long-term functions.

Welded fences

Welded fences are used at construction sites, schools, suburban cooperatives, private and industrial facilities, parking areas, parklands, recreation centers, convalescent homes, boarding houses and other recreational institutions.

Advantages of welded fences

  • Variety of design solutions.
  • A fence made of iron bars provides good visibility.
  • Such fences are versatile — they can be used at any objects and areas.
  • The price is much lower compared with brick or concrete fences.
  • High resistance to vandalism due to impressive strength of the structure.
  • Quick and easy installation.

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